Rete musei diocesani di Bergamo


In 2003, the diocese of Bergamo started the process of creating its own “museum system”, according to regional and provincial directions. By that system, all the museums involved share economical, pastoral and human resources creating an organically integrated service net. Thus reaching standard parameters above all as to conservationistic and cultural administration brought to fruition for each museum.
The process, supported by the region Lombardy and the province of Bergamo, led to the constitution of the ecclesiastical museum net of Bergamo diocese, formally founded in 2005.
Hereunder the present composition of the museum net:

- the diocesan museum Adriano Bernareggi, located in Bergamo;

- the sacred art museum San Martino in Alzano Lombardo;

- the museum of the Basilica in Gandino;

- the parish museum Santa Maria Assunta in Romano di Lombardia;

- the parish museum don Carlo Villa of Rossino in Calolziocorte (Lecco);

- the parish museum Santa Maria Assunta in Vertova.

The museum system project of ecclesiastical museums of the diocese of Bergamo has been approved in 2003 by the province of Bergamo as pilot project of integrated museum system. To be continued ->